What is neverblock?

NeverBlock is a proven ad block circumventing solution that maximizes your revenues instantly. Our unique technology ensures that your advertisements still get shown even if a user has ad blocking software installed and switched on. Neverblock's improved script ensures it is compatible with multiple ad-blockers, not just ABP.

How does neverblock work?

NeverBlock's advanced technology bypasses ad blockers to recapture all your ad revenue and works on all browsers (including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) and on all platforms and devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet). The solution is free to all ExoClick clients and is a simple process of placing a line of code on your website.
For an indepth analysis of how ad blocking has affected the digital ad industry and the various solutions on offer,


Ad format support

Banners, Popunders, Native Ads (NEW!), Sticky banners (NEW!), Instant messages (NEW!)

Two implementation options

Automatic implementation for PHP websites or manual implementation for other programming languages

NeverBlock API

With instructions for unsupported languages such as Lua, Python, Ruby, etc.

Wordpress Plugin

To easily integrate NeverBlock ad zones into WordPress sites

neverblock in action

NeverBlock has already been implemented by several desktop and mobile sites and the results show both a growth in impressions and revenue.
Worldwide Impressions growth from +10% to +40%, depending on the geo breakdown.
Average worldwide revenue growth from +10% to +40% or higher, depending on the quality of the traffic.
eCPM from ad blocker users is similar than it is for non ad blocker users.
Conversion rate for ad blocker users and specifically for the pop ad format is higher. Initial data shows a +42% higher performance.


Adblock impressions circumvented

Top 10 GEOs benefiting from NeverBlock (billions of impressions)

1. USA 19.2
2. Germany 10.27
3. India 4.89
4. France 4.62
5. Switzerland 4.56

Percentage of impressions per device that NeverBlock circumvented


We started using NeverBlock in November 2017 and revenues from display banners have grown around 5-7%. It was easy and quick to set up and ExoClick's team reacted very quickly to address any technical requests.

- Adsession

I have been using NeverBlock since 2016 and I have generated around $250K of extra revenue. As a webmaster I know that my ad blocking issues are dealt with by NeverBlock.

- Delta Traf

Neverblock case study

We analyzed one of our publishers who implemented NeverBlock on their site. The client's site receives +200,000 daily impressions and throughout the month of February 2016 we collected data with NeverBlock installed. We observed:
  • Average Impressions growth worldwide +40%
  • Average Revenue growth worldwide +44%
  • eCPM for ad blocker users is +10% higher than for non ad blocker users
  • Impression and Revenue growth from ad blocker users, depends on the origin of country.
  • From the top 20 countries of the publisher’s site, revenues increased from the lowest which was +8.29% in Russia up to +140% in Germany.
The table on the right displays the additional impressions and revenue the publisher received from the 20 most popular countries as traffic sources.
Additional Impressions and revenues as a % of growth per GEO from ad block
GEO Impressions increase Revenues increase
United States 36.39% 29.23%
Germany 83.57% 140.86%
United Kingdom 39.18% 26.08%
Sweden 72.95% 59.12%
France 63.80% 98.41%
Canada 46.32% 29.64%
Switzerland 40.66% 57.57%
Russia 7.03% 8.29%
Spain 37.05% 11.18%
Netherlands 50.53% 38.82%
Poland 51.35% 45.63%
Norway 47.91% 39.80%
Austria 61.62% 106.08%
Finland 66.62% 50.88%
Denmark 53.17% 57.37%
Belgium 48.44% 49.82%
Turkey 17.23% 19.29%
Czech Republic 37.53% 68.49%
Italy 30.30% 31.46%
Australia 43.56% 28.23%
Brazil 25.20% 11.87%